If you are experiencing a technical issue please follow the steps bellow before contacting our support service.


We will be able to help you only if the issue is directly caused by the theme (e.g. a bug). Magento related issues, server misconfiguration, customizations or issues caused by third-party extensions are outside of the scope of our support service.


  1. Disable compilation mode


    The first thing you need to check is whether the Compilation mode is enabled. If so, disable it while you troubleshoot the issue. You can enable it later when the problem has been solved.


  2. Flush Magento Cache


    Before troubleshooting an issue, be sure it’s not caused by an old configuration or file being cached by Magento. To flush the cache please refer to this article. Be sure to also flush any external cache you might be using like Redis, Varnish or FPC.


  3. Reindex all indexes


    Follow the instructions here to reindex all indexes.


  4. Try with one of the default themes
    1. Go to System > Configuration
    2. On the left pane click Design
    3. Change "Current Package Name" to rwd
    4. Click the Save Config button
    5. Flush Magento Cache (if enabled)

      Reload the website in the browser and try to reproduce the issue. If the problem persists in the default theme that indicates it’s most probably caused by a customization to the core of Magento, a misconfiguration on the server or another issue not directly related to the Intenso Theme. If so, the issue is outside of the scope of our support service and we won’t be able to help you.
  5. Check for any incorrect File/Folder permission


    Incorrect file permissions on your server may cause many issues. After uploading any files to your server in order to install themes or extensions you need to set the correct file permissions for all the uploaded files – the same permissions as for the default Magento files.


    File permissions may differ depending on server – usually 755 for folders and 644 for files. In case of any doubts about permissions, please contact your hosting provider. Refer to this article for more details.

  6. Corrupt or Missing files


    Sometimes, after transferring bulk of small files via FTP (like the theme package) some files end up corrupted or not uploaded at all. This will surely cause technical issues and it’s one of the most popular causes of problems after installation.


    To discard this as a possible cause for the issue you are having, re-upload all the files and folders from the installation package of the theme and be sure the "Failed transfers" tab of your FTP software is empty after the transfer finishes. Then, refresh Magento cache and try to reproduce the issue again.

  7. Check for conflicts with Third-Party Extensions


    Please refer to this article for more information about how to disable all third-party extensions to discard compatibility issues. Don’t omit this step since we won’t be able to help you in case one of your third-party extensions is causing the issue. Read more about third-party extensions here.

  8. Check the Logs for any error message


    By default, Magento does not register messages about errors and exceptions. To turn on the logging, you can navigate to System > Configuration > Developer > Log Settings and set the Enabled option to Yes


    If the logging option was already enabled, navigate to the var/log folder of your Magento installation using your FTP software and delete the "exception.log" and "system.log" files (we don’t want old error messages there!)


    Reload the website and reproduce the issue so Magento can log the error. Then, navigate again to the var/log folder and check if any error has been logged inside the "exception.log" or "system.log" files. Please note this log files may contain many error messages not related to the theme, like errors caused by third-party extensions, Magento itself or server issues. If you see any error message referencing one of the files of the theme, please attach the log file to your support request so we are able to quickly identify the issue.

If the issue perssist after trying all the steps please contact us with the following:

  1. A detailed description of the exact issue you are experiencing.
  2. A full screenshot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please click here.
  3. A list of the different options that you have tried (from the troubleshooting list above)
  4. A list of all third-party extensions that you have installed on your Magento store.