Call to Action

Call to Actions are a great way to get visitor’s attention to a specific product, offer or page of your store. The Call to Action widget is a block made up of three elements: background, title and button. When combined with a vibrant background color or image, a call to action can easily catch your visitor’s eye.

Intenso lets you add unlimited Call to Action blocks to any CMS page or static block using a shortcode or the default widget functionality of Magento.

To Create a Call to Action

  1. On the Admin menu, select Theme > CallToAction.
  2. Click Add CallToAction button.
  3. Complete required fields under Content:
    Call to Action - Content tab
    The Identifier must be a unique text string. Use only alphanumeric characters, underscores and dashes.
  4. On the left pane, click the Store views tab and set the store view (this tab is only visible if you have created additional Store Views on your Magento installation)
  5. Click Save CallToAction button

To Insert a CTA widget into a Page

To insert a Call to Action widget into any CMS page just add the CMS markup tag in the Content field, or use the Insert Widget button located above the Content field.

The CMS markup tag to insert a CTA widget into a CMS page is as follows:

{{block type="itactica_calltoaction/view" identifier="put_here_your_identifier" template="itactica_calltoaction/view.phtml"}}

Replace the string put_here_your_identifier with the unique identifier of your widget.