Intenso Magento Theme comes with a set of 248 font icons you can use to create your own content. Icons are scalable, retina-ready and look great on screens of any resolution. It’s a lightweight way to add visual elements to your site that can be styled like a regular font using CSS.


Since the font comes pre-installed, all you need to do is include a single HTML line on any CMS page to add an icon:

  1. Select the icon from the list of available icons and take note of it's class name.
  2. Inside the Content field of any CMS page add the following line:
    <i class="icon-classname" style="color: #000000; font-size: 24px"></i>
    Always turn off WYSIWYG editor when editing HTML or Magento's CMS tags in the page/block content. Otherwise WYSIWYG editor will break the content. Refer to WYSIWYG editor for more detail.
  3. Replace icon-classname with the class name of the desired icon.
  4. Edit the color code, font size or add any other CSS rule you need.