CMS (Content Management System) pages are static pages such as your Homepage, About Us, and Customer Service pages that provide information about a web store and are managed through the Backend panel. CMS pages are full pages that are available via their own URL address.

By default, Magento includes 5 layout options for CMS pages:

  • Empty: A simple one column layout page without header and footer.
  • 1 column: A single column layout.
  • 2 columns with left bar: a large content column with a left sidebar.
  • 2 columns with right bar: a large content column with a right sidebar.
  • 3 columns: a three column layout that includes two sidebars.

Responsive Design

Every page of Intenso has been designed to be 100% responsive on every device. Most pages of the site use the 1 Column layout template, since it allows greater flexibility in organizing the content for the different break points.

The two-column and three-column layouts are less flexible. On small screen devices, the only option with the default Magento sidebars is to put them above or under the main column. It does your users a great disservice if all you do in your responsive design is move your sidebars under everything else.

When designing your own CMS pages, we recommend using the 1 Column layout in conjunction with the Foundation 5 grid. You can create powerful multi-device layouts quickly and easily with the default 12-column, nestable Foundation grid.

Foundation 5

Foundation is an advanced responsive front-end framework. The framework is mobile friendly and ready for you to customize it any way you want to use it. It was the first framework to introduce the concepts of responsive design, semantics, mobile first and partials. It's also compatible with most browsers and devices.

Foundation 5 has a ton of components and structures to help you build a responsive CMS page in minutes. Intenso has implemented and customized all of Foundation's features, so you can use them out of the box.

For more information about Foundation 5 and documentation about its use, please visit their website.

404 Not Found (error page)

Intenso introduces a new layout option for 404 Not Found pages called 404 error page. If you use the Demo Installer to set up your Pages, the error page will be set up automatically. You can check out an example of the styled 404 error page here.

To manually set up the 404 error page, please refer to this article.